Daniella Attipoe; the extraordinary make-up artist in town


Daniella Attipoe, founder and CEO of Nella Effects is an incredibly talented super-stylish beauty guru who can give any woman a cover girl transformation by simply using cosmetics.

Currently, Nella Effects comprises of great make-up artists assisting Daniella in making Nella Effects have tremendous touch on people and the make-up industry in Ghana.

At Nella Effects there's a strong believe that any common girl can be made a glamorous celebrity or made to look like a flawless celebrity with the right time and know-how.

Do you want to look spectacular and extraordinarily gorgeous always either on any special day or you just want to look bright? No matter the look you want, Nella Effects will get it right for you once you get in touch.

Nella Effects render services like:

Transforming plain women into Nollywood and Ghallywood stars by simply using the right cosmetics.


They also engage in doing outstanding bridal make-ups


At Nella Effects, they sometimes go for more theatrical looks such as zombies, vampires etc


There is a place in there too for the modern classic man




With their range of exclusive creative make-up ideas, they focus on achieving variety of glamorous looks for their clients. Some of their clients include celebrities, brides, and the everyday woman and man.

The core mission of Nella Effects is making their clients look more beautiful, handsome and happier. Also, they believe true beauty can be achieved with the know-how by simply using cosmetics with no need to resort to surgery to transform your natural looks.

Nella Effect’s style is truly one in town: they experiment with make-up more than most do, and it always end up making their clients look elegant and glamorous.

For all your makeup needs and desires, contact Nella Effects on +233242541217 (Accra-Ghana).

Website: nellaeffects.com

E-mail: nellaeffects@gmail.com

Instagram: Nella Effects

Facebook: Nella Effects


Source: Michael Blessing/Daily News/Gh


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