The voice of the people is the voice of God

We the concerned service personnel of the Prestea Huni-Valley District through this means want to express our displeasure with the introduction of a compulsory insurance package for all national service personnel and we hereby present the need for the abolishment of the package.
The launch, “which was held at the premises of the scheme’s headquarters, had NSS Board Members and National Service Personnel Association executives and other stakeholders in attendance”, as reported by Citifmonline dated November 1, 2017 in our opinion in the first place, is an act of not regarding we service personnel in this country as stakeholders of this initiative. As key stakeholders of the NSS we expected other stakeholders to seek our views on pressing issues before taking decisions that affect us.
Consultation is a crucial requirement in the successful development of public policy and service and when it is carried out rightly it leads to the creation of mutually beneficial relationships.The process of consultation aids the flow of information among various key players of an institution in the form of getting information as well as giving feedback.
As clearly stated in the Labour Act (651), Section 9 (b) pay the agreed remuneration at the time and place agreed on in the contract of employment or collective agreement or by custom without any deduction except deduction permitted by law or agreed between the employer and the worker; we feel the National Service Scheme violated a rudiment of the very laws labelled to guide employers on managing employees and their remuneration. We assert that, there was no collective agreement on deducting Ghc 15 from our monthly allowance for the insurance package hence should be abolished.
Also, paragraphs (g) and (h) of the same section asserts; keep open the channels of communication with the workers; and protect the interests of the workers, we again strongly assert there was no open channel of communication until the lauching of the package held at the premises of the scheme’s headquarters. In addition, we feel the scheme failed to protect our interests as service personnel in the country.
Though the initiative of introducing an insurance package for all service personnel consists of certain benefits such as GHc 500 loan which is payable within six months we strongly believe it should be abolished with due effect since there was no proper consultation involving the service personnel of the 2017/2018 service year.
Some ways in which the scheme should have consulted us may include setting the agenda on the media to solicit our opinions on the package right from conceptualization would have been a better way of getting our opinions on the subject matter.
We do not however refute the fact that it is reasonable to make sure one is insured but chances that one is paying for unnecessary coverage can be high when it is imposed on us without prior consultations for feedback. We can actually save a lot of money by neglecting this particular insurance policy.
We do not expect the scheme or executives of NASPA to make decisions on our behalf as we have the right as citizens of Ghana to be consulted with issues before taking actions. Ghana, is well known ubiquitously as democratic and we expect to be treated as such.
We hereby declare that this initiative of introducing an insurance package for all service personnel in the country is an infringement on our fundamental human rights as citizens of our great country Ghana.
As a matter of fact, we do not need any consultations from other stakeholders involved in the lauching of this initiative, since we have not been consulted earlier, we regard this as ‘a slap on the face’ which we will not take lightly and we vehemently oppose the insurance package.
To conclude, we therefore through this means call upon other service personnel to vehemently oppose this form of ‘burden’ placed on us since it affects every aspect of our lives negatively.
Article by concerned service personnel in the Prestea Huni-Valley District:
Michael Blessing

NASPA President Hopeful,

Rebecca Kangah

NASPA Vice President Hopeful,

027 915 4995
Augustus Armah-Nwanwah

NASPA Organizer Hopeful,

Abigail Amissah-Addo

NASPA Financial Controller Hopeful

Patrick Kwofie


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