In students activism as in students politics, it is the duty of the activist to investigate, appraise and apprise the electorates on which candidate should be given the mandate of the people. Activism is not neutrality.

It is very necessary and wise to recommend for the approval or disapproval of the masses the candidate(s) which we can prognosticate as leaders in good standing. Undoubtedly, the TESCON branch of the University of Cape Coast is blessed to have Prince Antwi Boasiako as a treasurer hopeful (aspirant).

Prince Antwi Boasiako is a self-motivated, confident and goal-oriented young man with good communication and problem solving skills. His ability to adapt to change, being a team player with high-level of integrity and honesty are issues worth appreciating of Prince Antwi Boasiako.

With much experience in working as a clerk, whose duties included but not limited to the preparation and distribution of documents, banking and postal errands, supervision of office equipment and repairs of damaged office items and binding of half year and end of year reports and other related documents, he equally brings on the table such related qualities as a treasurer aspirant to lift the face of that office and UCC TESCON in entirety.

As a matter of fact, electing Prince Antwi Boasiako as the next TESCON Treasurer of UCC shall not be regretful act. At the end, we shall all join to hail the facelift of the TESCON and the NPP as a whole as we still build on affairs to seeing to victory 2020.

I, Reindolf Amankwa of NNSOROMA PUBLICATIONS duly endorse Prince Antwi Boasiako for the position of UCC TESCON Treasurer.


Source: Reindolf Amankwa/Daily News/Gh

Brief background of writer:

Reindolf Amankwa is a registered writer with Daily News. He is also the Executive Director of Nnsoroma Publications. Contact details: 0544728631/0204081217

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