6 Things To Know About The NASPA-Ashanti/NEIP Social Entrepreneurship Competition

The NASPA-Ashanti/NEIP Social entrepreneurship competition is not one of those usual seminars we have attended over the years. Its worth is far beyond an ordinary seminar or entrepreneurial clinic. It is a fully packaged social enterprise challenge. The following are requirements to partake in the NASPA-Ashanti/NEIP Social Entrepreneurship Competition:

1. Group Formation

Service personnel would be expected to form teams of minimum of two(2) persons to be able to take part in the competition.
Condition: Proposals shall be accepted only if personnel are in a minimum group of two. Again, the competition is opened to only service personnel in the Ashanti region.

2. Community Challenge Identification

Personnel shall identify a community challenge either in your community of service or outside.
Condition: Community must necessarily be in the Ashanti region.

3. Drafting Of Project Proposal

Draft a thorough proposal on a project which shall provide a long-term solution to the challenge identified.
Condition: The proposed project must necessarily be a long-term solution to the identified challenge(s).

4. Presentation

The team shall be expected to submit and later defend their proposal before a panel.
Submission date: 14th-25th May 2018.
Vetting of proposals: 29th-30th May 2018.
Shortlisting of Applications: 31st May, 2018.
Training of Shortlisted Applicants: 4th June, 2018.
Pitching/Project Defense: 5th June, 2018.

5. Presentation Of Awards

The presentation of awards of best three (3) teams is scheduled to come off 3rd August, 2018 at the NASPA-Ashanti Dinner and Awards Ceremony.
1st Team Prize: Ghs20,000
2nd Team Prize: Ghs15,000
3rd Team Prize: Ghs10,000

6. Project Supervision

Teams awarded these cash prizes would be constantly monitored so as to ensure that, the monies received are used for the purposes intended.

By: Reindolf Amankwa/Daily News/Gh

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