Hon. Alex Tetteh; A man of his word, an Honourable with honour

Over the years, the Akontombra Constituency has had leaders who have less desire of thought (if any) of the many health problems facing the very electorates who voted them into office. As rightly put by Socrates, “No man undertakes a trade he has not learned, even the meanest; yet everyone thinks himself sufficiently qualified for the hardest of all trades, that of government.” This wise philosophical saying by Socrates may have been premised on how many leaders who for once were very active in social advocacy have lost it whilst in government or given the mantle to lead.

Prior the 2016 elections, Honorable Alex Tetteh, now Member of Parliament for the Akontombra Constituency had made many promises to the electorates by way of seeking their mandate. Nonetheless, all his talks could for anyone be considered as political talks of untrustworthiness and/or impossibilities. Undoubtedly by some others who are optimists including my very self, he rekindled our hopes and beliefs especially on helping to reduce, if not to eradicate our health related problems.

Fast forward, being given the mandate of the people to act as representative in the National Assembly, his promise to reduce health related issues in the Akontombra constituency is gradually witnessing light. Today, the heartbreak in transferring patients to Juaboso, Asafo, Wiawso ,KATH, e.t.c are considered a thing of the past, with a brand new Ambulance donated to the Akontombra hospital. Indeed, such a provision was required decades ago telling of its lack and but of its urgent need. We shall not as a people be wrong to mention of Hon. Alex Tetteh as a man of his words. He has proved himself worth to be called an honorable. Lest I forget to state without fear nor favor that, ‘he has done what Napoleon could not do’.

The people of the Akontombra constituency appreciate the good work Hon. Alex Tetteh is doing for the constituency. We shan’t entirely be wrong to say then that, Akontombra has a working Member of Parliament who indeed has prioritized the needs of his constituents.

As much as the efforts of Hon Alex Tetteh are appreciated, It is my hope that all the required equipments needed for the efficient/effective functioning of the ambulance shall be made available. More often, the maintenance culture of Ghanaians including the people of Akontombra (both literates and illiterates) leaves thousands of questions to be asked. This poor maintenance culture has led to the deterioration of so many facilities and reallocation of funds for replacement. These funds reallocated to repurchase/reestablish such deteriorated products/facilities could otherwise have been channeled to other meaningful social services. In times like this when we dream of a Ghana that is free from this pernicious and malign infection, it is only wise that the personnel who would be assigned the duty of driving and maintaining the said ambulance would commit to it wholly as patriotic citizens would do.

That said, I divine strongly that this good move by Hon. Alex Tetteh would not turn out to be a one time swift political move but one which shall transcend beyond just politics to catering for the welfare of his people. This is only to say I believe that he has more and better plans for the development and growth of the constituency. As a great son of the constituency in which Hon. Alex Tetteh derives his mandate as MP, I can boldly say that, Hon. Alex Tetteh is a man of his words. Perfectly, he’s an honorable with much honor from his people and towards his people. We further entreat him to strive to do more than positive things for the Akontombra constituency.

By: Reindolf Amankwa

About the writer:

Reindolf Amankwa is a registered writer at Daily News/Gh. He is also the Executive Director of Nnsoroma Publications. Contact details: 0544728631/0204081217

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