Edem unravels ‘Toto’ mystery

Ghanaian recording artist, Edem says his released song Toto isnt profane as others think.

Explaining the word “TOTO” on TV Africa’s entertainment show Video Ryde, Edem said the actual word of the song is “Xetoto” which means sunrise or hot sun.

“The song Toto means sunrise or hot sun in ewe and the motion behinf the song is to motivate everyone to work hard.” he explained

Few weeks after Edem released “TOTO” Ghanaian comedian David Oscar took to Facebook to codemn the record and deeming it as sexually suggestive.
Reacting to that Ayigbe Edem called David Oscar an “ignorant fellow”.

“I play on words because I want people to understand that we are in a big country of diverse cultures and I cant let the meaning of a word in another man’s language deprive me of speaking my language. That is no freedom right there. It is allowed for people to be ignorant and David Oscar is just being ignorant,” the “Efiefuor singer firmly stated.

Edem born Denning Edem Hotor is a Ghanaian recording artist and entertainer with numerous bangers like “Efiefouor,” “Medekuku,” and “Go get’em.”


Source: Selasi Ayivi/tvafricalive.com

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