Ghanaian DJs failing hearing test – Study reveals

Radio and television personnel as well as disc jockeys may be living with various forms of hearing impairment from persistent use of ear and headphones.

A study by a graduate student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) reveals 67 percent of disc jockeys screened in the Ashanti region capital, Kumasi failed the test.

Sandrah Nketsiaba Saah’s work as part of her thesis in Audiology, sought to investigate the effects of the use of earphones and headphones.

A total of 288 respondents, comprising 145 DJs and 143 on-air presenters at selected from radio and TV stations were examined.

Only 32 percent of the 145 DJs passed the test, though for on-air presenters the rate was 88 percent.

People between 20 and 60 years were recruited for the study involving questionnaire and physical examination as well as ear screening.

Some 228 representing 79 percent of them complained of headache, ear pain and inability to hear soft sounds.

Other defects are ringing in the ears and itching after listening to loud sounds.

The study also sought to assess the influence of ageing on the ear health of DJ’s and on air presenters.

It found 82 percent who failed have been exposed to the earpiece for 16 years and more.

Ms. Nketsiaba Saah recommends disk jockeys and on-air presenters reduce the volume on ear and headphones they use.

“DJs should change their lifestyles by reducing their ear phones to the barest minimum,” she emphasised

“They should have breaks in between listening times to allow the ear to recover and use noise cancelling earphones,” she further advised.

Ms. Nketsiaba Saah also appealed to media owners to ensure DJs and on air presenters are examined as part of employment process.

This way, she says, “a more detailed study can be done to establish or dismiss the association between the frequent use of ear and headphones and related problems.”


Source: Luv FM

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