Woman gives birth to twins with different dads after cheating on husband

A woman in China reportedly gave birth to twin boys with different fathers (Picture: Getty Images)

A woman in China has given birth two twins with different DNA.

The mother has been forced to admit that she cheated on her husband in a one-night stand after he grew suspicious that one of the boys didn’t look like him.

When DNA test results came back he raised questions with her and she finally had to tell the truth, according to the Strait Herald.

The story was revealed after the couple, from south-eastern Xiamen city, had to register the birth of their twin sons at the local police station early last year.

In order to complete the registration, they had to produce the results of a paternity test to prove that the babies were theirs.

The husband, known only by a pseudonym, Xiaolong, had wondered why one of his sons didn’t look like him. Upon receiving the DNA results, he was still shocked at discovering that one of the boys did not have any biological relationship with him, according to a director at the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre.

The centre arranged the paternity test for the couple.

According to the director, Mr Zhang, Xiaolong was furious after reading the DNA report and confronted his wife.


Source: Metro.co.uk

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