Opinion: A new crop of leaders must emerge; one that will call themselves ‘true Ghanaians’

In recent times, the people of Ghana and Africa at large have shown their displeasure with how some leaders conduct themselves when they get political power. Power in most cases for most ‘African Leaders’ serve as the breeding grounds for the mismanagement of state resources, corruption, desire to remain in power, amongst others.

However, the youth has also resorted to all forms of demonstrations to seek redress to their problems from authorities. The desire to remain in power indefinitely has now become the interest of political leaders, this era, politicians perpetual lies to win or retain power.

The love for mother Ghana is fading out as a result of the actions of political leaders, the youth has developed hatred for their own country and about ninety percentage of the youth want to travel abroad others have even vowed not to return to Ghana in their entire life because their own country has failed them. It saddens my heart when young energetic graduates full of ideas and skills looking for employment (job) and cannot secure one?

The world today is crying for good leaders, leaders who will put the interest of the people at the core (center or first), leaders who desire to serve not leaders who are in charge of health but when they are sick they travel abroad for treatment, not leaders who are in charge of the educational sector but most of their wards are schooling in Europe because they know the harm they have caused in those sectors.

John Quincy Adams sixth president of the United States said” if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,and become more, you are a leader.There is leadership potential in every person despite the difference in ones ability, everyone is a leader of him or herself very few people have realize this, where are the individuals who are willing to take up responsibility, people who have the burning heart to serve mother Ghana, our youth need positive role models.

The general thinking in Africa and for that Ghana is that a leader must have wealth, own companies and among others especially when the person belongs to the political class there is a vast gap between leaders and followers of this 21st century.

It is surprising to hear and see students leaders in tertiary institutions involving in corrupt act, when this happens one can conclude that the future Ghana is not clear.

Ghana must wake up and work again, it has happen before in the era of our founding fathers, I always watch the documentary of former presidents Jerry John Rawlings, Dr Kwame Nkrumah and feel thirsty for their kind of leadership qualities, there is still hope in Ghana if the good people of this country refuse to remain silent but voice out their ideas.

The time has come for religious leaders (imams and pastors), teachers and organisations instill in the youth the qualities of a good leader and teach them to avoid the ” do me I do you affairs” way of politics adopted by most politicians, encourage them to take up leadership roles for the betterment of mother GHANA.


By: Adam Alale Moses [Author’s contact: +233242431970]

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in the above article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Ghana Daily News on the subject matter. Ghana Daily News [ghdailynews.com] will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statement (s) contained in the above article.

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