OPINION: A country with more spectators and few citizens cannot develop

Writer: Joseph Kpalo Kunde (Authentic)

It is always surprising to know that a country well endowed with natural resources is still struggling to develop. Every country is made of people who are deemed her citizens. In a country like Ghana, almost everyone is yearning for development. All people seem to always talk about development. But no one seems to do something about it.

One of the reasons Ghana is still struggling to become the real Ghana we yearn for is because most of the citizens living in the nation have become spectators. Many Ghanaians have become ‘on-lookers’ or close observers who are interested in applauding others as they perform. Most Ghanaians and leaders alike are only interested in filling their stomachs. Many people do not have the country at heart even for once. You cannot behave yourself as a stranger in your own country and still expect to see development take place.

A spectator does not increase productivity. They don’t contribute any quota towards development but they want to benefit from the national purse. Spectators Ghanaians want to corrupt the system in order to enrich their pockets and that of their families.

It is therefore important to understand that as long as many of us Ghanaians continue to act and behave like spectators, the very few citizens cannot develop the country. Stop being a spectator and live as a true citizen; for this is the road that leads to growth and development!!!!

Writer: Joseph Kpalo Kunde (Authentic)

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