OPINION: Bad roads impede a nation’s development than witchcraft

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Development is always on the lips of people in every country. We all desire to see development from time to time. But the question is, how do we get things done as people?

One of the commonest infrastructure that is needed by all people in every part of a Nation is good road network. Roads are the linking agents that connect people in the rural areas to those in the urban centres. Without roads, nobody would be able to move from one place to another. In fact, doing business, attending school, and working wouldn’t be possible without roads.

However, if these roads are to be constructed, they must be done well. Many citizens are unable to transact business because of bad road network . Many people fear to travel to undertake certain activities that could better their lives because they fear they could die in an accident due to this bad road network. Day in and day out, we are burying people through road accidents. Armed robbers have capitalized on these bad roads to rob, kill and destroy innocent souls. Drivers are also capitalizing on this bad road network to over charge passengers.

What are the leaders doing about this? They wait for people to die so they can showcase their benevolence in cash. If you ought to construct roads and Bridges for the safety of the people and you fail, you will account for the deaths of people who become victims as a result of your wickedness. Dear leaders, use the scarce resources to construct roads but not to construct your stomachs and houses.

Remember, good road network is a way to enhancing development but a bad road network like what we have in Ghana is a sure way to destroying the country. If it must be done, let’s do it well. We have only one Ghana!!!!


By: Joseph Kpalo Kunde (Authentic)

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