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Clean water and sanitation system is a serious public health concern in Ghana, about 70 percentage of diseases in Ghana is as a result of lack of clean water and improper sanitation, about thousand children (1000) under five years old die each year from diarrhoea caused by polluted water.

Health is the basic needs of every individual, a nation development solely depends on her human resources, active in the work place also depends on the health condition of the individual.

Sanitation continue to be a major problem in Ghana, God gifted us with an environment that is safe place or a humble place of abode for plants and animals to live and interact with the non living environment, man is always task to protect the natural environment as the Book of Genesis reveals but man have shirk in that responsibilities.

The quest for infrastructural development and economic development has led to the destruction of the physical or natural environment, less attention is paid to the environment, he who tempers the environment tempers human lives, what we give to the environment is exactly what we get in returns in this case we give the environment filt or dirt and in returns diseases engolf our environment or surroundings-polluted air as a result of air pollution emanating from industries, discharge from industries rendering water bodies unsafe for drinking which affect human lives and children are those who suffer most because of their health system, the waste generated today out weight the absorption capacity of the natural environment, the purification capacity of the natural environment is weaken by the amount of waste discharge in to it. Ones the Environment is destroyed-water pollution,air pollution human health is at risk which affect productivity in the country.

Man have to spend a huge sum of money to care for the health needs of the family instead of investing in education or business.

It is therefore a wake-up call for Ghanains to come together regardless of political affiliation, race, ethnicity but think of the present and future generation.

Government (citizens, political leaders, religious leaders etc) should continue to educate or sensetise the general public on the effects of improper sanitation, pastors or religious leaders should also include environmental issues in their sermons since members believe and trust what their leaders say, this will go a long way to renew the reminds of Ghanains, Traditional leaders should also bring back the old system-taboos and norms, the most effective way to ensure protection of the natural environment, the law enforcement bodies should make sure that the laws concerning the environment are applied appropriately to deal with offenders and to serve as deterrent to others, banning of plastics- which mostly affect aquatic lives, citizens should buy what they can eat in order to avoid food waste.

Let thinks of people especially children who die every year because of disease out break as a result of improper sanitation and careless way of handling the environment, we can’t afford to continue loosing souls that can contribute to the development of mother Ghana every individual has the right to live in an environment free from diseases regardless of their age, political affiliations, race (Environmental Justice) etc.

Let fight sanitation problems in Ghana

Writer: Adam Alale Moses (0242431970)

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