Opinion: Most African political leaders are corrupt; society plays a role in this

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The world is sinking today as a result of corruption and bad leadership. Taking Africa as a case study, most political leaders tend to exhibit corrupt behaviors when given the opportunity to occupy positions in government. The biggest questions we have failed to ask ourselves are, ‘were those corrupt leaders born to be corrupt?’ ‘what makes them corrupt?’ These are questions, we as a nation or continent, must find lasting answers to in order to make a headway. Everyone is born into a family and grew up in society, society today groom most of the leaders to be become corrupt but one always blame the leaders for such an act leaving society unblamed.

Society is powerful, it can make and unmake you, society see political leaders to be money makers not leaders of a country, people expect political leaders to live in big mansions, own big campanies, and drive in luxurious cars, these are standards society set for leaders, failure to achieve the standards when in power means you have done nothing people will therefore call you all sort of names especially when you lost your position.

Let me take this opportunity to tell a story about a young lady who the parent always give her pressure to marry, because they think their daughter have come of age and therefore needs a deserving husband, one day the lady informed her parents that two guys proposed marriage to her; one a political leader and a business man finally her parents agreed that she should marry the politician , their reason was that, with the politician the family is going be rich in the next three days. imagine the family, the society putting their burdens on the politician.

Another area is where bussinessmen invest a huge sum of money in politics especially during campaign times, the notion is always that when their party wins they will get extra, those who help for the party to emerge as a winner must be given position whether they fit the job or not because one person effort cannot win elections.

One cannot figure out why African is endowned with natural resources yet wallowing in poverty, the youth are looking for jobs but none for them, people still die of hunger in Africa and had to rely on international bodies for support, education is still under trees despite the effort by government, health problems and among others.

There is a wide gap between political leaders and the society, the only time leaders get closer to the people is elections time and it is society that has created that gap, taking monies and items from politician mean you are sending them to parliament to amass wealth for themselves not to represent the people.

Until society stop setting standards for political leaders most of them Will continue to be corrupt, until society stop demanding huge sum of money from politicians during campaign, until people stop investing in politics with the intention of getting extra when their party wins, then most political leaders will continue to be corrupt and society must take the blame for that.

By: Adam Alale Moses [Author’s contact: +233242431970]

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in the above article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Ghana Daily News on the subject matter. Ghana Daily News [ghdailynews.com] will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statement (s) contained in the above article.

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